Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Pozole My Way #Vegetarian or #NotVegetarian

Our friend Francisco made this for a party he had once, and we have our own version of it, every now and then.
This is decidedly NOT vegetarian, being liberally filled with leftover carnitas, but it would also be delicious without. It would be good with chicken or with baked tofu or with vegan "meat" or loaded with vegetables.

Basically, you start by heating oil and toasting chili powder and cumin, chopped onion and minced garlic. Then you add water, tomato sauce (and/or chopped tomatoes), and maybe some bouillon (veg, for vegans and vegetarians, chicken for meat-eaters). MUST HAVE HOMINY (unless you hate hominy, in which case regular corn will do).

We serve ours over lettuce and top it with sour cream, if we have any.

Comfort food!

The side dish is something else Francisco served: avocado sprinkled with lime juice, salt, pepper, and smoked paprika.

I'm blogging today at my own site about quiche.

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