Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Preschool Author Visit

I have given tips on this blog for doing author visits to schools. Those tips are geared towards elemtary school visits.
If you are a children's author, visiting preschools can be very fun, but make your presentation entirely different than you would for elementary students.
Their attention span is next-to-nil. The younger, the child, the shorter the attention span.
Also, their understanding of concepts and language is still limited. Authors must be very careful to not talk over their heads.
Here are some tips:
1) Do not spend very long on your introduction. Begin reading right away.
2) Be very animated. It holds their attention.
3) Sit close to the children.
4) When a student distracts others, let preschool teachers deal with it. They know how to handle each child effectively.
More tips next week!

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