Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Time for Change

If you sell books, you need change. Usually, obtaining change is as simple as a trip to the bank. That is what I thought yesterday as I left for a library event.
I pulled up to the window at the one bank in my community, where I usually get change, to find that I can no longer use the bank for change. Now, you must have an account with the bank in order to get change.
A bit of panic ensued.  I did not have time to deviate from my planned route. Going to my bank would have required an extra 15-20 minutes.
My mind went into a spin. With both of my kids riding along, there was no such thing as being able to quickly run in and out of a business that could make change. What I decided to do was: 1) Go to a fast food drive-thru. 2) Order a drink. 3) Pay with a $20.00  4) Ask for my change in $1 bills.
Fortunately, there was a small branch of a bank where I hold an account almost next to the library. I had no idea it existed!
Anybody else have ideas on obtaining change quickly?

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