Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thirst Is A Terrible Thing

So I never let myself get too thirsty. When I meet my friend Jane for lunch, for instance, I have to drive over. Then we meet at the coffee house where we drink coffee, and you know coffee is dehydrating. Then we walk to the restaurant, so, my gosh, it just makes good health sense to drink something, right?
So I had this Left Hand Brewing fermented malt beverage fortified with milk sugar. It's practically oatmeal! I got this in Louisville, not at my beloved local, so the beer is all the way from exotic Colorado, unlike the local microbrews I usually favor.

It went very well with fish & chips. It would have gone very well with durn near anything.

Please allow me to direct your attention to my publisher's two-day Summer Bash July 16-17, 2013, whereupon they are giving away 30 or so free ebooks, including my own The Fall of Onagros, Book 1 of the Sage trilogy.

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