Saturday, November 27, 2010

Turkey Leftovers

Looks like we’re going to be eating leftovers for a week or two. One of my sisters and her family had Thanksgiving dinner at our brother’s house, and ended up going home without any turkey leftovers. She told me that evening that her daughter insisted that she cook a turkey immediately because one of the great joys of Thanksgiving for her was being able to look forward to days and days of turkey sandwiches.

Chris posted a link to a site with lots of dishes made with turkey, which at this time of year is a public service. For soon we’ll all be desperate for something different to do with all that meat.
However, like my niece, I’m betting that most of us have one particular turkey-leftovers dish that we anticipate eagerly year after year. I always look forward to either a turkey pot pie or a shepherd’s pie. I’d love to hear what your traditional Thanksgiving turkey reincarnation is.
With apologies to Bubba Blue, that mavin of shrimp from Forrest Gump, is it one of these?

Turkey sandwich
Turkey pot pie/shepherd’s pie
Turkey noodle soup
Barbecued turkey
Turkey salad
Turkey stir-fry
Turkey casserole
Turkey cassoulet
Turkey spaghetti/ lasagna
Turkey roulade
Turkey curry
Turkey pastie
Turkey pate
Turkey paella
Turkey enchilladas/quesadillas/tamales/tacos
Turkey stew
Breaded and fried turkey cutlet
Pan-seared turkey with a warm balsamic-fig reductions over a bed of sauteed garlic kale.
Or what?
Disclosure: We have a vegetarian Thanksgiving, so our turkey leftovers are always more like Tofurkey leftovers. We did Quorn turkey this year. Try it. It’s delicious.


Gayle said...

Sandwiches...with mustard. :p

Donis Casey said...

I like sandwiches with mayo, onion, and tomato. I have a friend who piles cranberry sauce and dressing on hers, and once smashed on a bunch of candied yam.

Anonymous said...
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