Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This post includes a recipe made with catfood. It is a recipe that we are making everyday to try and feed a new little friend.
He (or she) is a pitiful little creature. He is frail, cannot open his eyes and probably will not make it another day. My little girl has named him "Sweetheart".
Sweetheart is the baby bird that we are trying to save. After living in the woods almost my whole life, and attempting to save several baby animals, I know that he is not likely to survive. It goes against the laws of nature for a human to sustain a baby animal that has been abandoned.
Sweetheart's mom built a nest in an old canoe hull that we have on our patio. The hull has been made into a set of shelves that houses our sunscreens and other outdoor essentials. It was easy to look into the top shelf of the canoe and see the tiny eggs in the nest. Nearly everyday, the momma bird would fly out at me as I walked by the canoe, or would reach for something on one of the shelves.
Then, one day, I went to the canoe, and she did not come out. I looked up to her perch to find that she was not there. When I peeped at the nest, I saw that the baby birds had hatched. I assumed the mom had gone to find food.
For a couple of more days, I never saw or heard the mom. What I did hear were the constant little chirps of the babys. I looked in the nest to see the little birds with their mouths wide open, wanting something to eat.
My husband got on the internet to find out what to do. He found a recipe for a food that the bird could eat:
put dry catfood in water to soften
pull off small pieces with tweezers and drop into birds' mouths

The birds ate like crazy and they ate often. It was a very sweet scene when I came home with the kids one evening to find my six-foot tall husband feeding birds with a pair of tweezers and tweeting at them as their mom might have.
One stood out as the most energetic and hungry of the five birds. He is our Sweetheart, the only one that is still alive. We will continue to feed this little guy to see if he can make it!


Gayle said...

Oh, Lisa, keep us posted. I hope little Sweetheart makes it!

Marian Allen said...

I haven't had any luck nurturing baby wild animals, either, but you gotta try, right? Sending good wishes and "tweets" your way.

Lisa Hall said...

I found Sweetheart dead in his nest this morning. He ate a few times yesterday, but I could tell he was getting weaker by the hour. He was a trooper!

Marian Allen said...

I'm so sorry about Sweetheart! Hugs to you and your sweet family.