Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Selling Books Cafeteria Style

On the first Saturdays of May and June, I had a couple of really good book signings at Piccadilly cafeterias. At first, I was skeptical that this would be a good place for a book signing, but many local authors had reported very good sales doing the same thing.

If you are from the Southeast, you are probably familiar Piccadilly. There also some restaurants in the Southwest and Midwest.

The pastor of a church we attended when I was younger delivered curiously brief sermons. It was rumored that he did this because he wanted to be first in line at Piccadilly.

It is good "Sunday food". When I was a kid, I loved their fried chicken, rice and jello. Now that I appreciate a "meat and three" meal, I love it just as much as I did when I was a kid.

A bonus of signing at Piccadilly was that I got to go through the line and get a free dinner. Also, I could have free refills on drinks all day long. I had mango tea, water with lemon and coffee. Yes, I was seated not too far from the ladies restroom!

If you live near a Piccadilly, I suggest contacting the manager to see if you can do a signing. If you don't, but are traveling in the Southest this summer, come on in!

Hint: Piccadilly restaurants tend to be housed in shopping malls.


Gayle said...

Thanks so much for the heads-up about Piccadilly, Lisa!

Dana Fredsti said...

So, is Piccadilly like HOmetown Buffet?

Lisa Hall said...

Sort of, except there are servers that portion out your food as you go down the line.