Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Do The Right Thing, Charlie

Anybody see that Spike Lee movie, DO THE RIGHT THING, where the character does a bad thing to keep a worse thing from happening?


Our dog, Joe, ought to be named Ferdinand, after the bull in the children's book who loved flowers. That dog isn't happy unless he's wallowing down a flower bed. He scratches out a nice soft patch of dirt, then lies down in it and wiggles until he's comfortable. He isn't a small dog, either. Doesn't matter if they're hostas or lilies of the valley or ferns, If my husband plants it or tends it, the dog does his best to spoil it. It's a kind of love.

Charlie isn't charmed. He stomps around glowering like a thunderstorm, and who can blame him? I mean, Mother Theresa or the Dalai Lama wouldn't fume at the dog, but they weren't/aren't much into blame, either, so they wouldn't BLAME Charlie for fuming.

Anyway, in an attempt to save the dog's life and my husband's immortal soul, I went online and found this formula: 1 part Cayenne pepper to 10 parts water. Put into a spray bottle and let sit for a while, then spray on the ground or plant you want the animal to avoid. That ratio is supposed to be strong enough to discourage the animal but not strong enough to hurt it.

Charlie has been outside spraying his flower/foliage/fern gardens, and we shall see what transpires.



Gayle said...

Poor Charlie. I feel his pain. I planted tomatoes and was furious when the cat dug them all up. I'm pretty sure she pooped in 'em, too. >:-(

Dana Fredsti said...

Awwww...I feel sorry for both of them! THe dog just wants to be comfy and Charlie just wants his garden to grow...