Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Superfluous Fruit Salad #Vegan #Vegetarian

It was my turn to bring the treats to church this Sunday. When I walked in the kitchen door, my friends said, "Oh, no!" I said, "Ya'll, that is not what you want to hear when you walk into a room." The problem was, three other people had brought treats for one reason or another, so we had an embarrassment of riches.

I brought my raggedy old fruit salad home, and Charlie and I had it for supper, with Bear Whippin' Sauce over it.

No bears were harmed in the making of this sauce.

What is Bear Whippin' Sauce? It's equal parts mayonnaise (in this case, vegan "mayonnaise") and brown sugar. It got its name in our family when I told a wee one I was making "berry dipping sauce" and she misheard me.

I'm posting at my own blog today about a casserole made almost entirely of tag ends and leftovers.

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Cerebrations.biz said...

Mayo and sugar?
That's bear POISONING sauce! (Humans, too!)

Marian Allen said...

Glad you think so. That leaves more for me! lol