Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Orphan Dumplings

Our renters moved out for a happy reason, and left a couple of things behind in the freezer. Waste not, want not: OF COURSE we ate it!

One of the things was a partial bag of Chinese pork pot stickers, which are a kind of dumpling. Ish.

I never met a dumpling I didn't like.

They also left some rice, so that wasn't going to go begging.

I stir-fried some mushrooms, slivered almonds, bok choi, and water chestnuts, made some sauce with veg broth and cornstarch, and BOOM!

So good!

I'm posting today on my own blog about handmade Chinese noodles, which I made. By hand.

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Kirizar said...

I was strangely expecting a story about dumplings left behind in a move that magically animate to follow their family. They travel the roads skirting danger, begging for treats from kind strangers, and facing down a bear before finally finding the missing family. Who then eat them.

It is entirely possible I’m not awake yet, and should make some tea before responding to things online.

Cerebrations.biz said...

Glad to see you don't let anything go to waste!

Marian Allen said...

Kiri ... WRITE THAT STORY! lol

Roy, I let as little go to waste as possible. My mama taught me that it's a sin to waste food.