Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Veg and a Bit of Fish #Pescatarian

Charlie and I do like a bit of fish now and then.

So, in addition to storebought mushrooms and fresh green beans and potatoes, we had this:

I halved and parboiled the new red potatoes, tossed them in olive oil and salt, and roasted them in the toaster oven at 450F for about half an hour, until they browned and crisped on the outside.

Meanwhile, I parboiled the green beans for a few minutes while I fried the mushrooms in a dry pan.

I took the mushrooms out and drained the beans. Then I unwrapped a piece of frozen cod, slathered it with vegan margarine, salted it, and pressed Panko crumbs into the margarine. It goes, frozen, into the hot pan and cooks about 8 minutes on one side, then about 8 minutes on the other side. I put the beans and mushrooms in the same pan and seasoned everything with Jane's Crazy Mixed-Up Salt.

Charlie and I divided the piece of cod between us. When I said we like a bit of fish, I meant a bit of fish.

I'm posting today at my own blog about a dessert made from scraps.

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Cerebrations.biz said...

I would do that with salmon, instead of cod (and, of COURSE, sweet potatoes, never the boring white varieties).

Marian Allen said...

That sounds DELICIOUS!!