Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Stuff Soup, Like I Do

Sometimes I make soup on the stove. Sometimes I make it in the Instant Pot. Sometimes I make it all over the kitchen and put it together in the bowl. The last is what I did this time.

First, I made magic eggs. How you do that is, you bring water to a boil in a pot. Ease an egg (or more than one) into the boiling water. Boil for EXACTLY six-and-a-half (6 1/2) minutes. Take the egg out and plunge it into ice water. The magic is, the egg will be cooked through with a little thick runniness (you know what I mean?) in the center of the yolk.


I fried fake beef and cabbage with sesame oil and five-spice powder. The fake beef is okay fried, but I found it doesn't do well added to liquid. So never again with the fake beef in soup.

I heated black beans in the microwave. I heated canned (yuck) mushrooms in the microwave.

I washed out the egg pot and boiled water and Not-Chick'n bouillon.

To serve, put the broth into a bowl. Spoon the different bits into the bowl, so they each show separately. Peel the egg and slice it in two, putting half in each bowl. If you like (and I like), drizzle with hot sauce and/or Hoisin sauce.

I like to make soup this way sometimes, because I find it visually interesting.

Today, I'm posting at my own blog about the easiest and best spaghetti squash ever!

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