Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Slightly Better BBQ

So Charlie and I went to a new Mexican restaurant in our little town, and ordered our usual: chicken flautas for him and carnitas for me. The flautas were meh, but the carnitas was (were?) spectacularly bad. Big chunks of dry meat, utterly devoid of flavor or savor.

I was going to abandon it, but Charlie encouraged me to bring it home and see if I could do something with it.

So I did.

I battled the chunks with a fork until I had wrestled them into shreds. I covered the shreds with ginger ale and put that into the refrigerator overnight. When I took it out the next night, the meat had absorbed almost all the ginger ale. I put the meat and its soda into a pan, added an equal amount of Sweet Baby Ray's spicy honey BBQ sauce and cooked it down.

Came out looking like this:

It was slightly better. At least it was edible. Carnitas is pork, but I use the ginger ale plus barbecue sauce combo for chicken and beef, too.

I'm told we must have been there on a bad day, so I might try it again sometime, but Charlie won't.

I'm posting at my own blog today about fish-ish dinner we had.

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