Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Cauliflower Breakfast Casserole

Is cauliflower still In? I dunno. But I had some cauliflower that was starting to go to Jesus, so I decided to make a hash brown casserole with it.

Core your cauliflower and break it into florets. Put it in a covered bowl and microwave it for about five minutes to soften it up.

Mix cauliflower, a little butter or vegan margarine, cream of chicken (or cream of some-kinda-veg) soup, cooked onion or onion powder, and shredded cheese. Bake until bubbly.

I had some for supper, and had some the next day with breakfast.
As you can see, I crumpled some crackers on top. If I should ever make it again, I would put crushed crackers IN it, 'cause I like crushed crackers in stuff.

ANYWAY, it was okay. Charlie wasn't nuts about it, so I probably won't make it again, but it was edible. If you're heavy into cauliflower, you would probably like it.

Yesterday, I accidentally posted my Tuesday post on my own blog about an Instant Pot one-pot supper that Charlie and I did like, enthusiastically.

So today, I'm posting about kudzu.

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Cerebrations.biz said...

I'm with Charlie. I could devour cauliflower for dinner, stomach it for lunch, but avoid it like the plague for breakfast. I need some color and some bite to get me started

Marian Allen said...

I can make cauliflower colorful and bitey, but I have to agree that it's just not for breakfast much.