Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Half a BAUERNFRUHSTUCK Is Better Than None #Vegetarian

Charlie said he used to eat BAUERNFRUHSTUCK when he was stationed in Germany, so we have it now and then.

Here's a recipe for a real one, at Genius Kitchen.

Ours was not so hearty. We're cutting back on meat, so no bacon or ham. We're out of onions and the green pepper was hiding, and I forgot the cheese.

So what we had was fried leftover baked potatoes with eggs in, cooked in vegan margarine.
It was very tasty.

I'm posting at my blog today about another of our favorite dishes: roasty vegetables!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Death By Pineapple

Sounds like a great title for a murder mystery set in Hawaii, doesn't it? BUT, NO! IT'S A TRUE THING! Well, no, it isn't a true thing, BUT IT COULD BE!

See, one of my business partners in Per Bastet Publications and I went to Magna cum Murder, the best mystery conference inna world, and I brought these dried pineapple chunks for snackies.
My partner and I each had some. When I got home, I read the label on the top:

My partner is gluten intolerant, many people are deathy allergic to peanuts, and I suffer extreme reaction from lack of a serial comma. Fortunately, she saw the label and calculated (I just checked with her and she was correct) that there wasn't enough flour to give HER trouble at HER particular level of sensitivity, as long as she only had a couple.

But, are these a death trap, or what???

I'm posting at my own blog today about another death trap that is most delicious: Nutella.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Deadly Green Thing

Why did I even buy this stuff? Well, I bought it because Oldest Grandson recommended it to me. I should have been suspicious when he immediately joined the Navy and shipped out of state.
These are onion-skin-thin stiff squares of seaweed, lightly salted. Know what they taste like? Like lightly salted, crispy freakin' seaweed, that's what.

Nasty? OH, yeah.

The upside is that our kitten loves them. If we break them up into tiny enough pieces, she'll even swallow them. The downside is that she then unswallows them. So, no seaweed snacks for her.

Or, if I'm lucky, ever again for me. I may lay in a supply for Oldest Grandson, though, and make him a present when he comes home for Christmas.

Ho, ho, ho.

I'm posting at my own blog today about an old friend--SPAM!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Cauliflower Breakfast Casserole

Is cauliflower still In? I dunno. But I had some cauliflower that was starting to go to Jesus, so I decided to make a hash brown casserole with it.

Core your cauliflower and break it into florets. Put it in a covered bowl and microwave it for about five minutes to soften it up.

Mix cauliflower, a little butter or vegan margarine, cream of chicken (or cream of some-kinda-veg) soup, cooked onion or onion powder, and shredded cheese. Bake until bubbly.

I had some for supper, and had some the next day with breakfast.
As you can see, I crumpled some crackers on top. If I should ever make it again, I would put crushed crackers IN it, 'cause I like crushed crackers in stuff.

ANYWAY, it was okay. Charlie wasn't nuts about it, so I probably won't make it again, but it was edible. If you're heavy into cauliflower, you would probably like it.

Yesterday, I accidentally posted my Tuesday post on my own blog about an Instant Pot one-pot supper that Charlie and I did like, enthusiastically.

So today, I'm posting about kudzu.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Kinda Sorta Hot Browns

I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, so I'm well aware of the famous Hot Brown. I've even had it at its place of origin, The Brown Hotel (dee-lish-us!). If you want the real thing, go there, or use the recipe at the link I just dropped and make it at home.

The version I made was little like that, but it was still good.

See, I had a memorial celebration of my late mother's life, and I had it catered, which means an awesome lady at church put it together for me. She overestimated the meat intake of Mom's friends and mine, so there was lots of lunch meat left over. I gave most of it away, but carried some turkey and ham home.

When I have both turkey (or chicken) and ham, I make a kinda sorta Hot Brown.

So, toast on the bottom. Then the turkey (or chicken) and the ham. Then white sauce, then cheese. Broil it until it's hot.

A real Hot Brown (as you'll see if you follow the link and read the recipe) has no ham and does have bacon. So maybe I should call this something else, but a Hot My House just sounds stupid.