Monday, June 4, 2018

Instant Pot Cream of Asparagus/Mushroom Soup #Vegetarian Could be #Vegan

So I got another kitchen gadget, and I'm tellin' you what: This one is not a gadget; it's a wonder!

Everybody's been raving about the Instant Pot, so I found one on eBay for $30 less than in the store, shipping included. Sadly, when it got here, it was without the manual and without the cookbook. I contacted Instant Pot's Customer Service (yes, as radio comedian Fred Allen [no relation] would have said, I have more nerve than a bum tooth).

Instant Pot's Customer Service is great! The manual is online -- free -- and there's a website and app -- also free -- constantly updated with new recipes. There are also a million-billion (slight exaggeration) videos on YouTube.

I've made several things in the Instant Pot, but my fave-rave is soup. Soup made in the Instant Pot takes longer than I generally take on the stove-top, but the result is worth the extra time. Or, to put it another way, I don't generally take enough time with soup, and the Instant Pot achieves the result I should be going for in less time than I ought to be taking.

If you can follow that, you're better than I am.

So here's the pot. The display is telling me that I have to wait two more minutes before releasing the pressure, not that it's two seconds from explosion, the time (as we Galaxy Quest fen know) at which the ABORT EXPLOSION command will take effect.

ANYWAY, here's the Instant Pot.

So I used the handy Saute function to saute some onions and mushrooms while I chopped some fresh asparagus (from the store, alas!). Then I put in two cups of water, enough bouillon to flavor three cups of liquid, the asparagus, and some marjoram. When the water was hot, I cancelled the Saute function and engaged the Soup/Broth function, put on the lid (or am I supposed to say "lidded the pot" these days?), and turned the cock from Venting to Sealing. 

Countdown. Quick Vent -- STAND BACK! STEAM CAN BURN!

This is when I was supposed to pour it into a blender, but come on. I just mashed stuff up a bit with the potato masher. I cancelled the Soup/Broth function and re-engaged the Saute function. Mixed flour into a cup of milk and slowly added it, while stirring. That had to cook a little, to get the floury taste out. 

The result.
Yes, indeed, it was good! 

One of the YouTube videos said not to cook with dairy in the Pot, because the dairy might curdle, but I don't know that from personal experience, 'cause I didn't risk it. And I don't know if non-dairy "milk" would curdle or do something funky. This worked.

And good? This was gooooooooooood! The flavor was so rich and deep, it was almost swoon-worthy. I mean, I like soup okay, but if you offered me the choice of a restaurant steak or this soup, I would choose this soup.

I'm posting today at my own site about the very NON-vegetarian spareribs I made in the Instant Pot to take to the Memorial Day party. But I post something over there every day, so don't be a stranger.

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