Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hey, There, Chef Boy!

So Charlie said, "Remember when the kids were little, we used to get that pizza mix in a box and make our own pizza?"

"Yeah! They called it Chef Boy!"

"Let's get one and try it. That was good pizza. Probably because we made it together."

Now, this is a man who has been cussing pizza as a rip-off and an abomination for decades. Suddenly, he's a pizza fiend. We've had pizza out at three different places in the past two months, and now he's asking for it at home.

So, we got a Chef Boy.
He also hates it when food claims to be fun. In all other instances, he hates it.
While he spread the dough, I chopped ingredients.

ALL the things!
The mozzarella balls were not a visual success, although they tasted fine.
As my grandpa would say, "That don't hurt the eatin' of it."
It was fun, and it was good. Even better was how the kids smiled when we told them about it.

It's still May, so I'm still writing a story a day. Today's is a sort of fairy tale sequel called "Broken Glass."

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