Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Man Pizza

Charlie and I each like pizza, but from different angles.

For him, the toppings are just a garnish for the bread.

For me, the bread is just a delivery system for salt and fat.

I let him make the pizza the other day, which is only fair. This is what he made.

He said, "This is Italian street pizza. This is how I had it when I was in Italy."

I said, "This is how I had it when I was in Italy, too. Once."

Then we told each other once more about when and where we had our first pizza in Louisville. Our stories have become like old friends: We always recognize them, and we're happy when they show up. They're comfortable to be around. Some of them. There are always those ones, aren't there?

This is the last Tuesday of Story A Day May. I've written a story today about Bud Blossom, Chinese/American owner of The Golden Lotus houseboat restaurant. Hop over and read it, if you like.

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