Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sweet Pertaters, Shrooms, and Speargrass #Vegan

If you speak MomGoth, you can translate that title as Sweet Potatoes, Mushrooms, and Asparagus. Because we had this for supper:

I baked the sweet potato, o' course. That's vegan margarine on it, along with salt and pepper. I fried the sliced mushrooms in vegan margarine. After they started to throw off liquid, I made li'l skinny slices of the asparagus with my trusty veggie peeler and tossed them in the pan with the mushrooms and cooked until the liquid was gone, the mushrooms were slightly browned, and the asparagus was tender.

Okay, yeah, I cheated and sprinkled the fry with shredded Italian cheese mix, but that could have been vegan "cheese". It wasn't, but it could have been.

ANYWAY, it was delicious.

I'm posting at my own blog today about Pad Thai that even my husband liked. Not vegan or vegetarian. But it could have been.

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