Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Yes, I'm using Allenspeak again. "Panchookies" is what we used to call pancakes. ~whispering~ I still do. ~/whispering~

We don't have them often. Charlie doesn't much care for them, but I get a real craving for them sometimes. I like 'em best with fresh blueberries, but I also like these, which our niece Anna Ruth put us onto.
That's pancakes, any recipe you like, made with vanilla almond milk and with pecans and chocolate chips in. Topped with powdered sugar instead of syrup and a dollop of vegan margarine -- MMMMM.

Yes, I used a real egg, not egg substitute, from the chickens up the road, but egg substitute would be okay, I guess, if you don't have neighborhood chickens. I realize not everybody lives in Mayberry. Or wants to.

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Cerebrations.biz said...

I'll leave this recipe for those who really are chookies!

Marian Allen said...

Really? --Oh, yes, I forgot you don't do carbs. Like AT ALL, right?