Tuesday, June 27, 2017

What the Heck is This?

My friend Jane and I were talking about saucers and cup plates, as the barista slopped the coffee out of Jane's cup into her saucer. Jane remarked that people used to "saucer their tea" or coffee, pouring from the cup into the saucer so the liquid would cool faster. We each remembered relatives who did that, and we each knew it was an old custom, reaching back at least as far as the Regency Romances we used to (and sometimes still) read.

Then Jane, as she so often does, added another trivia bullet to my Jeopardy arsenal: She said that place settings also had a cup plate, so you could put your cup down without leaving a mess while you drank from the saucer.

Then I thought: Is that what this little dish is?
I picked up about four of these little things when Mom's church cleaned out their kitchen cabinets. I use them for tiny salads, to hold small quantities of prepped ingredients, for hard-boiled eggs, for fruit -- small bits of lots of things. They are, as my grandpa used to say and we all say in his honor, handy little gadgets.

After talking to Jane, I thought they might be cup plates, but my research on cup plates shows them to be made of glass, so I think they're something else. Butter dishes?

Any guesses or, preferably, positive identification?

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Cerebrations.biz said...

Dip one fingers into the (salty) water in the dish to clean them off.

Dani said...

Hard to tell the size by this photo. Maybe little side dishes for condiments?

Marian Allen said...

I use them as little side dishes. Also: used tea bag holders, prep dishes, egg yolk masher dishes, and anything else that fits.