Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Imitation Canned Cream of Broccoli Soup

I made it for realz. I had half a head and all of a stalk of broccoli and some half-and-half I needed to get rid of -- er, I mean, I needed to make something delicious from.

First, I cut off the florets and set them aside. Then, I trimmed off the woody bits from the stalk and cut it into rounds. I put it, and some scallion, into salty water and cooked them until they were tender and most of the water was gone. While that was happening, I roasted a clove of garlic in the toaster oven -- 350F for about 15-25 minutes, until it was soft. The clove of garlic, not the toaster oven.

I sliced some mushrooms thinly and chopped up more scallions. I shredded some cheddar cheese.

Then, I mashed the now-soft scallion and broccoli stems. I put the broccoli florets, the peeled and mashed roast garlic, the sliced scallion, the cheese, and the half-and-half in the pan with the broccoli stems. I added some thyme leaves and some grated nutmeg and simmered it for about 20 minutes.

The result?

Honestly, I used too much salt in the cooking water, and the soup was WAY too salty! Otherwise, good.

The next day, I cooked some rotini without adding salt, drained it, and poured the leftover broccoli soup over it as a sauce. Much better.

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Cerebrations.biz said...

There are easier ways to make a great broccoli soup. I'll accept this process- but stick with my own.

Marian Allen said...

What's your way? I'm always in the market for easy!