Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Slapping a Salmon on the Table

This is one of the best things I ever bought.
It's one of those grilling machines. This one is about as basic as it gets: You open it, there's a non-stick surface on the bottom and a non-stick surface on the top. You plug it in, wait for it to heat up, pop your food in, close it, and cook stuff until it's done.

Last night, I put a slab of frozen salmon on there. Well, first I rubbed it with olive oil and salt and sprinkled the top with dried dill weed, then I slapped it on there.

Eight minutes later, it was done to perfection.

I use this gizmo for panini, brats, grilled sammiches, grilled veg -- oh, for many things.

And the salmon was YUM.

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Cerebrations.biz said...

I donated my George Forman to the kids. I never found it better (or as good) as my hand wrought entrees.