Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Massive Mushroom

This should be vegetarian. The version of it I had at the restaurant was vegetarian, but we had this package of locally sourced ham that was calling our names and keeping us awake at nights, so we thawed it out and I chopped up a piece and added it to this.
That's ham, fresh tomatoes, and a mix of tri-color bell peppers and onion.

While that was cooking, I took the stems out of a couple of portabella caps, filled them with red cooking wine, and broiled them for about 5 minutes. Then I poured the wine out into cooking dishes, flipped the caps, and broiled them a few minutes more. I put them, gills up, into the dishes, divided the veg/ham between them, and topped them with Italian cheese blend (Romano, Parmesan, and Asiago) and sprinkled them with Italian seasoning. I broiled them until the cheese was melted.

We liked the flavor, but the ones at the restaurant had more cheese and less juice.

Still, it's something we'll try again, probably without the ham next time.

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JoeyfullyStated said...

Sounds great!

bookworm said...

The ham, fresh tomatoes and peppers sounds exactly like the type of quick dish my husband enjoys making. He would serve it over pasta or zoodles nowadays. But no portobello and cheese. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

Cerebrations.biz said...

I'd always avoid the ham...