Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Golden Cauliflower Scramble #Vegetarian

My husband and I are fairly light eaters, he being a lighter eater than I am. A head of cauliflower can last us three or four meals. So I have to fix it different ways, because cauliflower, after all.

This was was perty dern good, as my grandpa would say.

First, I cut the core out of the head of cauliflower and microwaved the florets, covered, for seven minutes. Then I cut some of the florets up into smaller pieces.

I heated vegan margarine in a skillet, then added some turmeric and the cauliflower. I lightly beat a couple of eggs, poured it over the cauliflower, and stirred until the eggs were set, then stirred in some shredded cheese.

Protein, veg, and lots of flavor!

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