Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Kitchenless House

Those of us who love to cook deplore the increasing dependence on fast food and the specter of homes built with vestigial kitchens or even no kitchens at all. 

This is another item for The Department of Nothing New Under the Sun: As soon as civilization permitted, the smell, mess, heat and danger of cooking was distanced from the living quarters. Kitchens -- specialized rooms used only for food preparation -- were partitioned from the rest of the house, or relegated to a lower floor, or banished to lean-tos off the rear wall, or occupied separate buildings. 

Vetruvius, in Book VI of hisTEN BOOKS ON ARCHITECTURE, suggested building the farmhouse kitchen on the warmest side of the courtyard and surrounding it with the baths, stables, and oil-pressing rooms. 

In the 1800s, forward thinkers envisioned communities in which all the food preparation was done in centralized locations and householders fetched prepared meals or even had them delivered right to their doors. Sound familiar? 

Marian Allen, Author Lady

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Cerebrations.biz said...

So, we think this is a step forward?
I could see if we beleived in a nation with servants who prepared meals away from the main manor (yes, that's the choice word), keeping its temperature from being affected by the cooking. Of course, we may find it more useful in the winter to employ secondary heating...