Tuesday, August 9, 2016

No Actual Bumblebees Were Harmed #Vegan

Well, it depends on how vegan you are, I suppose. Because why? Because this recipe is supposed to have honey in it, and some vegans classify honey as an animal product. But mine didn't have honey in it because I didn't know it was supposed to until later. ~sigh~ A day late and a dollar short, that's me.

ANYWAY, I'm talking about Bumblebee Stew, like we used to get at J. Gumbo's. I thought it was called Bumblebee Stew because it's black and yellow, and I still do, because: Hello? HONEYbees make honey, not BUMBLEbees!

Here's our version, anyway, which IS vegan!
This was: chopped onion browned in olive oil, a can of Southwestern seasoned black beans, corn cut off the cob, a peeled, diced tomato, Jasmine rice, and vegetarian vegetable bouillon. Oh -- and Meatless Griller Strips fake chicken.

If you want a closer copycat recipe, try this one from Nothing if Not Intentional.

You're welcome.

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