Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Failed Apple Pie Perfection

Haste usually makes waist. Unless, it leads to a creative new recipe. I had promised to send a dessert to my kid's school for Teacher Appreciation Week. My plan had been to make 3 apple pies. Because my daughter had a late softball game, I peeled and cut the apples and added all of the other ingredients before we left for her ballgame. That way, all I would have to do when we got home was to pour the apples into pies crusts and bake them. After sitting for hours, the apples watered out. The result was a soggy crust that fell apart when I cut the pies. Since it was already late, I was determined to somehow use the messy pies. After a quick assessment of my fridge and freezer, I pulled out a tub of whipped topping and some caramel sauce. Here is what I did next: 1) cut pies into small pieces 2) scattered half of pieces on bottom of glass baking dish 3) drizzled caramel sauce over pie pieces 4) spread whipped topping over caramel 5) added more caramel drizzles I repeated the whole process until all the ingredients were gone. It was called Caramel Apple Pie Delight and it was gooood! STORE IN REFRIGERATOR!

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