Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Softball Party

Talk about a time-saver! Both of my girls chose the same theme for their March birthday parties. Tis the season to play softball, and since both of mine do; softball is on their minds come Springtime. Decor and snacks could not have been simpler. I used a red permanent market to make "laces"on yellow balloons and plates. A big glass hurricane filled with softballs became a centerpiece. A softball glove held bubblegum and a jar was full of sunflower seeds (2 popular dugout snacks). I did a fruit tray shaped like a softball diamond with a strawberry pitcher's mound and small cups of dip for bases. Unlike the one pictured, I placed paper softballs around the tray. My oldest daughter used more paper softballs and some twine to make a garland. My youngest wanted a piñata; so I bought one shaped like a star and glued a large paper softball to the middle. For dessert, we got cookie cakes with a flaming softball! The parties were fun, inexpensive, cute and easy.

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mackyton said...

Oh my god! This Softball Party looks tremendous. This party décor is truly amazing. Loved it a lot. We are going to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary and just made reservations of one my favorite Chicago venues. Feeling very excited!