Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sharing a Classic

Until last week, my kids had never tried Shoney's hot fudge cake. I know...right..made me feel like a bad, neglectful mother! To ring in the beginning of softball season, I thought hot fudge cake would be a good, celebratory treat. Also, I was really craving the stuff! My kids absolutely loved it (along with the free cocoa for kids, a chicken tenders child's meal, a Junior Buffet & pineapple from my salad bar plate). Now, I've made a couple of new Shoney's fans and shared some memories. You see, I cannot pass a Shoney's without thinking of my youth. In high school, many a late-night craving for sweets was curbed by sharing a piece of hot fudge cake with my friends. Sometimes a snow day meant breakfast from Shoney's Breakfast bar. It was special to share such sweet food memories with my girls. And...I hope late night hot fudge cake runs are the wildest thing they do in high school!

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