Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Wrappers and Wrappers and Wrappers #vegan

I bought a package of egg roll wrappers last week, and I need to use them up before they go bad, like the won ton wrappers I bought last month.

First, I made egg rolls duh. I didn't take a picture of them, alas, and they were really pretty and REALLY GOOD. I had bought a bag of salad mix that was green cabbage, red cabbage, Romaine, kale, carrots, and green onions. Okay, yeah, it was a Dole Salad Kit, the kind that made people sick. But we had already eaten 2/3 of the bag before the recall, so....

So I took the remaining third of the salad and cooked it in a skillet along with some Meatless Crumbles, stirred in some Five Spice Powder and some chopped onions and bell peppers, wrapped it in egg roll wrappers, and fried them toasty.

But that only used five wrappers.

The next night, I got a taste for pot-stickers.

All the salad was gone, so I chopped some cabbage. I sprinkled in some onion powder, some oregano, and added about 1/4 tsp of garlic-flavored olive oil, then microwaved it for 30 seconds.

I cut circles out of six egg roll wrappers, saving the trimmings. I put a little of the cabbage in each circle, wet the circle rims, pressed and pinched them together, and put them on an oiled baking sheet, brushing the tops with water. I baked them at 450F for about 25 minutes until they were browned.

While they were cooking, I broke up some snow peas and chopped some onion and sliced some mushrooms. I had a little rice left over from the egg roll dinner, so I tossed that into the skillet, too. I loves me some Meatless Griller Strips fake chicken, so I put some of that in, along with a little sesame oil. When it was just about ready, I mixed a little miso paste with a couple tablespoons of water and tossed that in, hot-cooking it until the water evaporated.

Today, Charlie made some of his good vegetable soup, so I got out those egg roll wrapper scraps and sliced them up. I put a film of olive oil in a skillet and heated it, and put the strips in a few at a time, turning them once. By the time the soup was ready, I had this crunchy pile draining on paper towels.

I think peanut oil would have been better, but they were plenty good as they were. WE ATE ALL OF THEM. ALL.

I was kind of hoping there would be some left to have with a vegetarian egg-drop soup I have in mind, but there will be more scraps, or at least there are more wrappers.

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Cerebrations.biz said...

I guess you "wrapped" up a few dinners with that one package. With nothing left to waste!

Marian Allen said...

Ha ha! There are still wrappers left. What will I make next? What, oh, what? Tune in and see.... heh