Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuna Melt #Pescatarian

I have been all about the fish this week. We had orange roughy, tilapia, salmon, and tuna melt here at home, and I had fish and chips at a restaurant. If I don't stop it, we'll be growing fins and gills.

Here is our tuna melt.

First you make the tuna salad:

Tuna Salad
  • Can of tuna, drained, juice given to the cat
  • celery, sliced
  • water chestnuts, slivered
  • onion powder
  • salt
  • mayonnaise
Other people put other things in tuna salad. Make yourself happy.

Toast bread (we used rye). Put the bread on a broiler pan. Top with tuna. Top tuna with sliced cheese (we used Swiss). Broil until cheese bubbles and browns.

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