Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cute & Fun

The first day of Thanksgiving Break does not mean the Halls get to sleep in. Calli had a sleepover and an 8:00 a.m. basketball practice. Sky and I are just morning people; so we were up by 7:30. What do you do with a bored 6-year-old at 7:30 on Thanksgiving Eve? I put her to work on an easy project. Pilgrim Hat cookies are so simple, she did it mostly by herself. Here's how you do it: You will need: Fudge Stripe Cookies vanilla frosting (tinted yellow) mini peanut butter cups yellow M&Ms or Reece's Pieces Instructions: Turn cookie upside down. Glue one peanut butter cup with small amount of icing in center of cookies. Using toothpick or wooden skewer, run small amount of icing around peanut butter cup for hat border. Stick yellow candy piece buckle on with small dot of icing. So cute!

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