Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Squash Martha Stewart #vegan

No, I am not advocating violence against my favorite homemaker. I love Martha Stewart!

This is a recipe for squash that MY HUSBAND tore out of Martha Stewart Living and suggested I make. I did, and we loved it!

There was no recipe, so I can't give you one, which is okay, because I don't usually do recipes anyway. I take some this and do that to it, and then this other thing, and eat it. That's the way this recipe was.

 So I cut a bit off the squash to depressurize it and I microwaved it for a few minutes to soften it up. Then I cut it into sections, leaving the skin on. I dipped it in softened vegan margarine and then into a mixture of whole cumin seeds, sesame seeds, salt, and ground coriander. Then I roasted them at about 400 until they started to brown.

Martha says, "Swap the add-ins for orange zest and sage, and you've spun it into a bright Mediterranean-style side. Switch it up with bacon and maple syrup, and you've got an all-American match for nearly anything roasted or grilled."

We loved the cumin version, but both thought I went too heavy on the cumin seed.

See what you think!

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