Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I Did NOT Serve Him Dryer Lint! #vegetarian

So Charlie came down to dinner and the plate looked like this.
He says, "What's that purple stuff? It looks like dryer lint."

I had to admit that, yes, it looks like dryer lint.

What it really is is mashed purple potatoes. The internet being the internet, it probably isn't surprising that there's a site called All About Potatoes, which tells, among other things, about purple potatoes. I happened to glom onto some in a $5.00 grab-bag basket at a local farm market. They taste like potatoes.

Tomorrow on my blog, I tell what the thing with white bits on is. The green things are green beans, duh. ;)

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John Vargo said...

The U.S. Potato Board's website provides additional information about purple potato types and provides tips for preparing purple and blue potatoes here: http://www.potatogoodness.com/potato-videos/purpleblue-potato-types-and-tips/