Wednesday, June 10, 2015

One of my COOLEST Mother's Day Gifts

As one who receives 100 pounds of beef per year (my husband farms). It is shocking that I got by without a deep freezer. After my most recent restocking of beef, one of my girls asked for a box of frozen teats in the store. I realized there was no room in my freezer for anything else. On top of that; everything was buried under packs of beef. So, for one of my Mother's Day gifts, I requested a deep freezer. I love it! As one who not only gets a huge supply of farm-raised beef, but also coupons, my freezer will save me money. I can stock up when things are priced right. Since we have a pool, it is also great to have a huge supply of Popsicles and ice cream for my children's friends As to why I did not get a deep freeze sooner...When I was a kid, I heard that they were murder on the electric bill. That might have been true at one time, but today's models are very efficient. So, if you gave been holding off like I did; go out and get a deep freeze!

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