Wednesday, April 22, 2015

3 Tricks for Saving Money on K-Cups

I absolutely love my K-Cup brewer! My girls and I use it so much that we have already said how much we will miss it when we go on vacation. The one drawback is that using K-Cups can become rather pricey. Here are three tricks I do to save on K-Cups: 1) I trick my machine. Yes, I lie to the apparatus I love so much! Apparently my brewer works off a magnetic strip that is triggered by reading the rim of the K-Cups foil. To use my own coffee grounds, I cut a piece from a used K-Cup and tape it to a brewing basket. 2) I brew a Cafe Bustelo Expresso Style K-Cup. The coffee is so strong that I can brew 10 ounces in a carafe, mix it with milk; and have enough coffee for the day. I store leftover morning coffee in the fridge. Later, I microwave it or drink it iced. 3) My girls and I used tea bags. The hot water feature is pretty great and super-fast. Do you have a way to save on K-Cups?

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