Friday, February 20, 2015

What If The Power Goes Out?

That has been my concern for the past few days. We discovered that our gas fireplace--our only source of heat if the electricity goes out--wasn't working. We had it fixed today, so I can rest assured that should the power go out, we won't freeze.

But what about food? We could eat the food in the refrigerator, but what about the freezer? Would it all spoil? (I can answer that with a resounding no, at this point. The temperature is so low we could simply put our frozen food in a covered tub on the porch and it would be fine.)

In my quest for answers, I found a couple of blog posts worth passing along:

Disaster Cooking

Emergency Cooking - 10 Ways to Have a Hot Meal When the Power Goes Out

What to Eat When the Power Goes Out

What to Eat During A Power Outage

Some of the information is repetitive, but there's something in each one that I didn't see in one of the other articles. I hope your power doesn't go out (ours either!) but that, if it does, these articles help you plan out your meals.

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Marian Allen said...

Thanks for these super links, Gayle! A few years ago, we were iced in without power. We had a wood-burning furnace, so we were toasty. Mom had a gas stove but no heat. Sometimes we went to her house to cook and eat realfast. I figured out how to bake potatoes on top of the wood-burning furnace, though. :)