Tuesday, February 24, 2015


If you don't know what Minecraft is, you need to get with the program. Minecraft is so cool, it's almost past its prime already. The reason I know about is that my youngest grandson is OBSESSED with it.

He had a birthday this month, and he wanted a Minecraft cake. #1 Daughter, who always makes his theme-of-choice cake, was swamped at work and tried to get one made at the grocery, since they do themed cakes.

They couldn't do a Minecraft one, though, because they didn't have the licensing permission.

Fortunately, Minecraft is all about squares, so #1 Daughter made one herself with the help of a square cake pan and some chocolate bars. That red thing in the middle of Steve's head is a Lego-brick-shaped candle. Sorry Steve.

Grandson was happy, and the cake was delicious.

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