Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Seduced by Truffles

Yesterday, I was seduced. It was a slow, calculated seduction. Victoria's Secret is, of course, a purely seductive store. The retail locations are beautiful, flirty and utterly feminine. Pictures of models flaunting perfect bust-waist-hip ratios evoke images of lazy, dreamy days spent lounging and snuggling and doing other stuff. I went into Victoria's Secret because I had a card to get a free pair of drawers (aka panties). When a sales associate greeted me, I was informed that a $75.00 purchase entitled me to a box of chocolate truffles. It was not the lingerie, frills or promises of romance that seduced me to shop. Honestly, it was the truffles! When I told the hubby of my plans to use my free unmentionables card (because I bore him with every detail of my day) he encouraged me to actually purchase something for myself. Immediately after hearing "free truffles" I decided to honor my mate's request. Because I am spending Valentine's Day in a family style (at home with kids, family steak dinner, family movie) I skipped the super-sexy stuff; opting for cute, practical, Valentine-motif boxer/pajamas. That brought me just under my $75.00 total. In a couple of weeks, I am taking my daughter to an indoor pool party. The realization of putting a swimsuit on my winter-pale body prompted me to buy some spray bronzer. Those Victoria's Secret models do always have a nice, golden glow. They use the store's bronzer; don't they? Now, I can look forward to an snugly evening, looking tan and cute in my new sleepwear; and eating a beautiful box of pink champagne truffles! Which, by-the-way, are an expensive brand of truffles carried in high-end department stores. Sounds like a perfect, indulgent evening to me.

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