Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The First Cooking Mystery I Ever Read #amreading

Virginia Rich of The Cooking School Murders generally gets credit for the first crafty cozy. I certainly don't remember reading anything like it: female involved in something crafty (cooking) and completely uninvolved with detection, gets involved sort of accidentally, solves the murder, recipes in the back. Nowadays, you can read all kinds of crafty/artsy/jobsy cozies, including ... just for instance ... Gayle Trent's new "Amanda Lee" embroidery mystery.
But the first -- the very first -- mystery I read with food in was Rex Stout's Too Many Cooks. It doesn't qualify as a cozy, technically, because the sleuth, Nero Wolfe, is a professional detective. I maintain it counts, though, because he isn't on a case, he's part of it. He's at a gathering of top chefs when one of them turns up stabbed. Most of the Wolfe books have recipes in them, or at the very least mouth-watering descriptions of meals.

Go. Read. Drool.

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You convinced me :), detective or not, sounds like a cozy plot. Will have to put Gayle's book on my must-read list.