Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#Vegetarian Deliciousness

I keep telling people I'm not vegetarian, but they keep thinking I am because I love my veg so much. Which is weird, since I was a carnivore all my life until various family members eased off eating meat.

Rather than make "regular" meals and expect them to live off the side dishes, I got interested in cooking non-meat food, and find it much more interesting than fiddling about with meats.

Here's what we had the other night:
The big section is whole wheat pasta cooked according to directions, then slightly browned in peppery garlic olive oil and topped with cheese. The carrots are glazed with vegan margarine, Turbinado sugar, and local honey. The mushrooms and onions are cooked in vegetarian margarine until the onions were soft and the mushrooms gave off some liquid, then I stirred in some flour, then some red wine and cooked that down into a sauce.

Oh. My. Goodness.

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