Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Candy, Candy, Candy....Help!

This photo is from our church's Trunk-or-Treat. That was the first night of our 3-night Halloween celebration. What happens after 3 nights of trick-or-treating? You have a tired family and an overwhelming amount of candy. Here is what I am doing to get rid of some candy: 1) My girls' school is having a Fall Festival this weekend. I am donating 2 gallons of candy to use for game prizes. 2) Our church enters a float in a Christmas parade on the first Saturday in December. My kids already have tons of candy to throw! 3) Chocolate candy will be chopped up and stirred into brownie batter and ice cream. 4) Lollipops will be inserted into sugar cookie dough for cookie pops. 5) Hard candies will be chopped up for a pretty stained glass effect on Christmas cookies. 6) My book signing table will be more appealing when I offer candy to passers-by!

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