Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Ready to go trick-or-treating with us?!

Let's go! Our first stop, of course, is the spooky old Victorian mansion where the librarian used to live. She haunts the place now, but, fortunately, she has wi-fi, so we can access this link to get a free tale (or two) of horror!

The wind is picking up a little as we wander on down the street to Mr. Food's house. "Hi, Mr. Food! Trick-or-Treat!"

He drops something into our bag and says, "Oooh, it's so good!"

What did he give us? A Halloween cookbook!

"Thank you, Mr. Food!"

We stumble a bit on the cobblestones as we hurry along to the home of Miss Demeanor, the retired, spinster school teacher. She gives us a list of links to Halloween printables. Red, yellow, and rust-colored leaves blow across our path as we yell our thanks over our shoulders to Miss Demeanor and make our way to the next house. We knock on the door and Professor Picklesby answers.

"Trick or treat, Professor! Do you have anything for us?"

"Of course, I do!" The professor smooths his bushy white mustache. "I have information for you! If you'll walk two blocks down and then take a right, you'll be at the Krispy Kreme doughnut shop. Since you're wearing costumes, you'll get a free doughnut!"

"Wow, Professor! Thanks!"

"That's not all. The kids can get free pancakes from the iHop across the street from the Krispy Kreme. In fact, lots of restaurants are offering free kids' meals!"

"Thanks again!"

When we get to Lisa Hall's door, she surprises us with THIS!

Yikes!!! We run to the  next house, where we see lights flickering in the basement. We slow our steps. Could this house be haunted? Nah, it's just Norman working on the computer. 

Before we ring the doorbell, he opens the door--he saw us on the surveillance camera--and hands us a sheet with a link to game downloads

"Enjoy," he says, as he closes the door. We hear his footsteps receding. 

We see that it's getting late, so we sprint to get our free doughnut before the shop closes. And when we get home, I think we should check out one of my favorite "horror" movies, Tucker and Dale Versus Evil on Netflix!

Happy Halloween!!!!

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