Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Big Ugly Spud

I went to Magna cum Murder mystery festival in Indianapolis, Indiana this past weekend, and, as always, had a blast. Among other things, you get two lunches, a banquet, and a reception over the weekend.

BUT, you're on your own on Friday evening.

So my friend and I went to Dick's Bodacious Bar*B*Q. Yes, I fell off the turnip wagon. And it started out so well, too.

Have you ever heard of smoked potatoes? We never had, so we ordered them. Then we decided to go "Hoss" on 'em. Here's how that goes: They cook the potato in a smoker, then finish 'em up in the oven. Split 'em open and smother 'em in shredded cheese, ranch beans, sour cream and your choice of meat. T got brisket and I got pulled pork.

Highly recommended.

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