Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Some Fizzy Kitchen Science

FIZZ, BOOM, READ! is the theme of many library summer reading programs for 2014. This afternoon, I will be doing a program at one of my local libraries. To go with the theme, I am going to conduct some fizzy kitchen science experiments. Experiment #1 Pour vinegar over baking soda to make it bubble and fizz. Experiment #2 Put a few drops of blue food coloring into milk. In a separate container, put blue food coloring into vinegar. Show that all of the milk and all of the vinegar turns blue with the color evenly distributed. In another container, have some plain, white milk. Pour the blue vinegar into it. Because of the vinegar's acid, there will be swirls and blobs of blue in the white milk. How does this relate to reading? Authors take seemingly ordinary words, mix them together; and cool things happen!

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