Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Smoothies" Back In The Day

When I was young and dirt was new, a "smoothie" was somebody who could sweet-talk you into doing something.

But that doesn't mean there wasn't such a thing as a thick beverage made with fruit, liquid, and ice, all mooshed up in a blender. There was such a thing, and there was one place you could get it:

Original Orange Julius
The Orange Julius stand.

Yeah, an Orange Julius is more liquid and frothy and a smoothie is thicker, but it's the same thing only different. Orange Julius now makes smoothies as well as their traditional Julius drinks.

Want to make your own delicious -- possibly healthful -- concoctions? Check out Perfect Smoothie for everything you need to know.

I'm pursuing the A to Z blogging challenge on my own blog today with Santana's -- wait for it -- Smooth.

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Dirkus said...

Every once in a while I long for a Pina Coloda Julius with egg and a banana. (Sadly, you can't get them with the egg any longer)