Monday, April 21, 2014

Making some sugar-free coffee cake by Joyce Lavene

Sugar-free coffee cake
by Joyce Lavene

I was looking for something sweet for Easter this year. I'm not eating sugar since my blood sugar is elevated.

I've used the Pillsbury Quick Bread and Muffin mix before. it's really tasty - and fast - you know I like fast. This time I thought I'd add something special to it. 

The mix is like a cake mix. You add two eggs, oil, and water. I like it because it tastes good but also because it's small - no chance to overeat for days.

I made the mix according to the directions, but I added a layer of sugar-free cherry pie filling between the two layers the mix calls for. I saved most of the cinnamon crunch mix for the top since I had the cherries for the middle.

It took about ten minutes extra to bake because of the pie filling, but it rose up brown and beautiful. The cherries were a nice addition that added color and fruit to the mix. Everyone (even people who eat sugar) enjoyed it at our dinner. And that's it! Thanks, Pillsbury. I wish you'd bring your sugar-free cinnamon rolls back!

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