Monday, April 14, 2014

Grow your own food

Grow Your own food!
By Joyce Lavene

Gardening experts say that more people are growing more vegetable gardens than ever before. Not since the Victory Gardens of the 1940s have people planted so much lettuce instead of petunias.

During that time, fresh produce was scarce, and people grew their own, or shared plots of land and grew veggies with a group.

Vegetables aren't scarce now, but people have noticed the difference between grow-you-own, and buying veggies at the grocery store. Fresh-picked is so superior that it's like eating a whole different plant!

I'm sure most people aren't worried that there may be a shortage of tomatoes, or lettuce, but they are choosing to plant small gardens, making seed sales soar in 2013, and again this year.

Are you growing your greens?

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