Monday, February 17, 2014

To Soup or not to Soup?

By Joyce Lavene

I love good soup when it's cold outside. I'm a real fan of almost any kind of soup from split pea to tomato.

The only bad thing about soup is the kind that comes in a can. There is more sodium in that little can than a person needs to eat for a whole day.

So I started making my own soup. I can minimize the impact of salt by adding herbs, and I've found that it's very good. Because I'm vegetarian, I can also make meat-free soups that are very tasty!

Soup doesn't have to be bad for you.

Carrot-Potato Soup

Add two cups of cooked, diced potatoes to one cup of cooked baby carrots. Puree in food processor. Add Mrs. Dash Onion and Herb mixture, and 1 tsp. pepper. Mix in one cup of milk. Stir together in pan on stove, or in the microwave. Instant soup!

For my 'pertater' eating friends!


fermentum said...

Sounds Yummy!

Marian Allen said...

LOL! Yep, I love my pertaters! It's the Irish in me. :)